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Flawless Match

Life isn’t perfect, but your makeup can be. There is nothing more perfect than the new, Flawless Match range by Avon. There are 35 different shades to choose from and a colour match guide on the Avon website, so finding your perfect match could not be any easier. Skincare experts at Avon have specially formulated a formula that is not only infused with hyaluronic acid to hydrate your skin, it also has a weightless feel. Here is a round of the new Flawless Match range:

Flawless Match Natural Finish Foundation, £7,00

Get flawless coverage with new Flawless Match Foundation, developed by beauty experts, you will achieve natural-skin-feel foundation, that is like your skin, only better. The Flawless Match Foundation uses Smartmatch Technology for the perfect shade match. Whether you want a natural-skin look, buildable, medium-to-full coverage, Avon have got you covered, quite literally. Flawless Match Natural Finish Foundation is infused with Hyaluronic Acid for a hydrating yet weightless feel.

Flawless Match Concealer, £5.00

Part of the Flawless Match range, this Flawless Match Concealer works perfectly with Flawless Match Natural Finish Foundation. The hydrating formula matches your skin tone perfectly, plus it conceals imperfections including dark circles, blemishes and redness, what is not to love? The Flawless Match Concealer will give you a medium-to-full, naturally radiant coverage. There are 18 different shades to choose from.

How to choose your foundation shade

Pink (cool) Undertones

Pink (cool)
Your veins look blue and purple. Skin burns easily and silver jewellery suits you best.


Fair: 115 P Pale Pink, 140 P Light Ivory, 145 P Ivory Pink
Light: 215 P Ivory, 235 P Shell
Medium: 330 P Honey Beige, 348 P Toasted Praline
Medium Deep: 410 P Spice, 438 P Chocolate
Deep: 520 P Rich Seinna, 535 P Espresso

Golden (warm) Undertones

Golden (warm) undertones
Veins look green. Gold jewellery suits you best


Fair: 125 G Warm Ivory,
Light: 220 G Light Nude, 225 G Soft Beige, 228 G Nude, 260 G True Beige
Medium: 320 G Sun Beige, 355 G Light Caramel
Medium Deep: 420 G Caramel


Veins look blue and green. Skin tans gradually. Silver and gold jewellery suits you.

Fair: 120 N Porcelain, 130 N Alabaster
Light: 210 N Light Beige, 230 N Creamy Natural, 245 N Natural Beige, 250 N Cream Beige
Medium: 310 N Medium Beige, 340 N Light Tan, 345 N Soft Honey
Medium Deep: 430 N Deep Tan, 435 N Warm Deep Tan,
Deep: 510 N Walnut, 510 N Walnut, 515 N Bronze, 525 N Dark Cocoa, 530 N Maple