Lifestyle Friendly Earning Opportunity – Welcome to Be A Glamour Boss


Through my long standing career I have heard so many comments that people have said to me about ‘WHY’ in their opinion I shouldn’t do Avon.

“I am not looking after the kids, Avon isn’t a proper job:” Objection: Avon has put a roof over these kids heads!

“You won’t make money from Avon”
Objection:  I am living proof that I do make money from Avon. A six figure business in fact!

“Avon isn’t very good to work for”
Objection:  It is a credible Company that has put food on the table, roof over mine and my family’s head, helped me find a new house.  I have been able to put my kids through University and College.  I have bought a totally brand spanking new car ‘TWICE’ now from my Avon earnings.  I have been able to book 2 cruises next year from one month’s commission!!!!

Now tell me that Avon doesn’t work!

The truth is Avon works if YOU DO!   FACT!!!!!!

Its a life-changing journey with Avon.

I’ve been helping women and men across the country change their lives with Avon for over 20 years.

I started my Avon journey back in the 1990s. At the time, I was working as a legal secretary, recently in remission from ovarian cancer and I had two young children, with my son having been diagnosed with autism. I needed some flexibility to attend hospital appointments and I wanted to spend more time at home with my kids, so becoming a Sales Rep with Avon seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Since joining Avon, I haven’t looked back. Starting as a Sales Rep and then becoming a Sales Leader soon after, I’ve been able to build up my business, leaving my job and focusing on Avon full-time.

Avon gave me the freedom to be there for my two children and provide them with the life they deserve. The financial stability has allowed me to put my son through driving lessons and my daughter through university to become a nurse. I’ve also been able to buy a new car and move home, all thanks to Avon – it really has changed my life and provided me with a secure, solid future. I’m forever grateful that I took the leap all those years ago.

Success as a glamour boss.

Since starting out at Avon, I’ve never looked back, and what started out as a dream has become a reality. From leaving my house at 5:00am to recruit people to join my team and going from door to door distributing catalogues in the early days, I’ve worked my way up over the years to the position I’m in now – I’m so proud to say that my highest title is Silver Ambassador and have over 1,000 incredible men and women in my team, along with a fantastic group of customers.

During my time with Avon, I’ve achieved many awards, including Position No.1 Dreams of Gold Sales Leader Level, Generation 1-3 Team Size Growth, Highest Established Recruiter and Highest Accumulated Earner (Established). In 2016, I was one of 20 to win a holiday to Seville, and I’ve also won an Apple iMac computer.  Most recently I have won lunch at The Ivy in London and also a holiday in Thailand.

Customer service is of the utmost importance to me. Whether it’s in person or online, I strongly believe in going above and beyond to exceed the expectations of my customers and to ensure they have a positive experience with my business.

I want my business to be the best it can be, and I’m always striving to improve it and welcome more representatives to my amazing team. My Avon journey has changed my life, and I want to help others change theirs too.