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testimonial 1
Jill MacDonald

After trying 2 different online businesses and no success, partly due to the current situation, I was asked by my lovely friend Amanda if I would join her in being a rep with Avon I said yes straight away as I had been a rep about 16 years previously

I hit the big 50 next year and I would love to go abroad for it. I have already started saving for this and the commission I have earned and will earn is going straight into my holiday fund!

Have always loved Avon and everyone knows this company and the affordability makes it even more popular

Have the best support and I work at my own pace,treat myself occasionally too 😊 Am very much a people person,have made some new friends and caught up with old ones

Love it ❤

testimonial 2
Maria Young

I am Maria a mum of 5, I run a cleaning company with my partner Wayne and have been a Avon customer for years I absolutely love Avon products.

I decided to join Avon as a personal shopper in October 2020 so I could get 15% discount off the Christmas snowman. Yes I joined Avon because of a snowman. Since October I have built a customer base and I have been top 10 selling rep in my network every month. I took the leap into sales leadership and have hit 2 promotions and built a team of over 40 reps. With my 2 bonus payments. I have treated myself to a new tattoo and kitted out the kids with summer wardrobes.

It’s been a crazy 6 months but I have loved every minute. I truly believe if you are willing to work hard you will succeed. My goal is to become a silver PC member and ambassador within 12 months, so watch this space…………

testimonial 3
Skye Logan

I joined Avon September 2020, mainly due to the fact that it is was so difficuilt to find a job during covid, although I never imagined that Avon would help me the way that it has. I have been so successful with my business! 😍👌

Avon has brought back my confidence, I have become a lead rep, helping others to become as successful, I am a lot more financially stable than I was & my mental health has improved massively, after not coping very well with lockdown, at first.

My little ones love helping me do Avon too, it gets us out of the house & we make it fun! 😊

testimonial 4
Kimberley Lowe
Hi my name is Kimberley Lowe and I became an Avon Representative during the pandemic in 2020. I joined in June after my maternity finished and now working full time I’m still selling products to family and friends. I love it! In August 2020 I became a Sales Leader and started to grow my team earning 2 promotions! I really enjoyed the 90 day plan incentive and recieved my 3 boxes of amazing goodies. The commision I’ve made as enabled me to take my family on caravan holidays and to treat my self with clothes and jewellery. I can’t wait for the next incentive!
testimonial 5
Monika Pukalskaitė

Hi, My name is Monika and I joined Avon on Sep 2020. Can’t tell you how happy I am. It’s great opportunity to earn some money and to meet wonderful people.

I’m mum of 2 kids and usually I’m going out to drop off my catalogues with my kids and I’m enjoying it. By now i have about 120 customers and I’m looking forward to find some more.

And finally I met wonderful women Janine Evans, she’s lovely women and help me a lot. I’m so happy that i’m in her team.
testimonial 10
Steph Wood

Having joined Avon again two years ago. I have been in an incredible journey with Janine.

Nothing is too much trouble she is always there for her team to encourage inspire and help you grow your business with both selling and starting your own team.

testimonial 9
Amanda Malcolm

Hi I am Amanda and I started my Avon journey 1 year ago, only for my own personal use initially, however, March 2021 saw me take a change, and leave what I was then doing to go full time with my Avon business, I absolutely love it, and it has been the best decision I have made.

Janine is a fantastic support and within 6 weeks I had hit leader level, and I am helping 15 others on their own journey so far already.

My plan and goal by December this year is to be Bronze Ambassador and in presidents club.

I am loving my journey.

testimonial 8
Katie Prunty

I joined Avon last year as I wanted to do something for me and making some commission was a nice bonus. I have managed to build up a good client base and which has led to me meeting new people. I have plenty of regular shoppers who enjoy using Avon products and I love to hear there feedback and share my experiences with using Avon products. I have gained knowledge across the ranges Avon offer and I also now look forward to my own Avon purchases.

I have gained a lot from being an Avon representative, along with now looking after me better through Avon.

testimonial 7
Leanne Chadwick

I have been with Avon just over 18 months and I have to say I’m so glad I joined 🙂 I have met some amazing people and made some friends for life. I have been able to get them’ extra nice things’ in life from the income I have earnt from both sales leadership and selling our amazing range of products. If you are thinking of joining don’t think anymore you wont regret it 🙂

You will be joining an amazing team, Janine is such an incredible team leader and offers so much support to her team.

testimonial 6
Troy Wyman

Hi let me introduce myself my name is Troy Wyman and I decided to join Avon as I lost my job August 2020 due to the Pandemic. I was a forklift driver and was always used to being in warehouse environment so wasn’t sure it was for me, there was no full time employment for me and I saw how well my partner was succeeding in Avon and I thought I would give it a go.

I am an alpha male who never thought it be possible for me to do this line of work, I have never had Multi Level Marketing experience before but my partner put me at ease and gave me the right input, training and confidence for me to be successful. I know my friends at the fishing club were surprised that I had taken up this opportunity but I had the last laugh on them when I told them how much a success I have made so far with Avon.

My first Campaign was in September and I absolutely exceeded my expectations, I was pleasantly surprised and knew that this was where my career had took a turn for the better. I achieved Advanced Leader and my ultimate goal is to build my business to achieve Ambassador Level in the future. I extremely positive and know that I can do this!

I am now wanting to expand my business and achieve a good steady income with this amazing Company that is Avon.

Avon also has encouraged me to be more of a people person and help my team members to achieve their goals.

I am excited to see where the future takes me with Avon. I am always looking for representatives to join my team, if I can do it, anyone can do it!

testimonial 17
Fiona Minett-Watkins

I started working in Janine’s team as a representative at the very end of September 2020.

I absolutely loved Avon products and so decided to spread that love to my friends and family and buy my own products with my commission. My sales absolutely rocketed high right from the start and with Janine’s support and help, I then became a sales leader in November 2020!

I have not looked back and am loving my work and really, really love the support Janine gives, she really takes you under her wing and brings out your potential to it’s very best! The whole network support and advice is just brilliant with us all helping each other, every question is answered very quickly so we can support our customers even more and be very professional.

I am now rich with my Avon products and am now putting my earnings aside to go towards family fun days out and hopefully a holiday.

With no tie ins, targets, expectations there is absolutely nothing to loose so take that leap, there’s a whole opportunity with AMAZING support and incentives waiting for you.

testimonial 14
Vicky Roberts

I’m Vicky and I became an AVON Representative in July 2018, after being medically retired from my full time job of 12 years as a Police Officer.

I was an AVON representative for only 9 months, when I decided to become a Sales Leader and start my own team. I absolutely fell in love with all that involved with being a rep. I loved getting out and about and meeting new people and I absolutely loved the AVON products that I was selling. In my first year as a rep, I was Number 1 in the whole of the UK for being a New Co-ordinator, and I received recognition on stage at our 2020 National Annual Conference in February for my efforts.

During 2020, I became a “Silver Presidents Club” member for the personal sales that I achieved within a 12 month period, giving me extra incentives and benefits. I achieved in our “Circle of Excellence” incentive, where I won an all-expenses paid holiday of a lifetime for me and a guest to Mauritius. When I first began my AVON journey, I was looking for something to help build my confidence, which was at an all time low after having to give up my career, and also wanted to do something just for me. I am also a single Mum to my two beautiful kids who are both still in primary school.

I love that my AVON business is completely flexible, and that I can work my business around them, their schooling and after school activities. To be able to continue to earn around my kids during a year of covid and lockdowns has absolute blessing. I don’t know how I would have coped otherwise.

I love that there are no silly sales targets to meet, and that you can work your business around your home life. Not only has AVON helped me grow personally, it has changed my life for the better.

It has helped me pay for holidays as well as a brand new kitchen, new double glazing and even a lazy spa for a bit of pampering! Thank you Avon!

testimonial 13
Emma Jones
I started as an Avon representative around 8 months ago and I used to sell Avon a few years back and I really missed it! I absolutely love the products and being able to share that with people and make some money too is brilliant. As I’m unable to work full time due to health problems, Avon is perfect to fit around my life. The support from Janine is amazing, she is there to help you every step of the way and I know I can ask for help whenever I need it. I’m so glad I joined back up.
testimonial 12
Pauline Humphreys

I started Avon 9 years ago as I knew I was due to retire from my full time job and wanted some income for my Pension.

Avon has been amazing for me, it’s really helped me save so I could move house and this month I do just that!

I’ve had the opportunity to go London for promotional work for Avon which was amazing.

Janine is extremely supportive and nothing is too much trouble. I’ve learnt from the best.

testimonial 15
Debbie Foulkes

I am Debbie Foulkes and my Avon journey started in 2014 whilst I was unemployed seeking work during a recession. I was very fortunate to come across Avon and I have not looked back. I have been rewarded with many Avon incentives. Avon Incentives range from holidays, cars, Avon gifts, vouchers and bonuses.

As my journey with Avon progressed I have grown my amazing team of Sales Leaders and Representatives. I have built up a long term residual income and have helped others to do so too.

testimonial 16
Paula Franklin
Janine signed me up aug 2019, having done Avon several times over the yrs it never really took off and i was left to my own devices… this time it was different i had the support and mentorship i needed to succeed ..i only joined cos i needed a new makeup bag and contents ,… something that the kids and i could do together… Forward to nov2019 i started leadership ..wish id started sooner Covid came and i lost my part time job , having a son with disabilities meant i was at home when needed and could work around him or indeed he could come with me! Avon has given me so much freedom, i can work when i want , do as much as i want , its has paid for decorating my house , redoing my garden, a new tv and extra treats for kids I love my job ,my avon family and love it when monday morning comes around .
testimonial 11
Maxine McLellan

Hi, I’m Maxine, I started being an Avon representative in Jan 2021 and became part of Janine’s amazing team. The reason I joined Avon was so I could do something for myself, meet people and because I love the products. I have achieved excellent sales figures in my first three months earning me the 90 day reward and also topping the sales leader board in Janine’s team.

With Avon I have access to so much free training . This has given me more confidence to be able to give advice to my customers. I now have a new buzz. I absolutely love getting out there and chatting to people about Avon. Janine has been a great support to me especially in my first few weeks. She is truly inspirational.

testimonial 18
Dominique Savage

I joined Avon around 4 years a go and just sold Avon to friends and family whist juggling a part time job, caring commitments and being a mum of two. The extra income was a god send and it was really easy to get started and it’s even easier when you enjoy it!

I started as a sales leader in July 2021 and I’ve earned around £6k in bonuses and comment and I’ve only had a team of approx 30-40 people but it’s been manageable and with an amazing team around me we all do really well! I love my Avon journey and wish to grow and grow now I have a little more time on my hands as my boys are in school now. I love being an Avon Rep/Sales Leader ❤️