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Avon Sales Rep

Do you want to be your own boss, work around your family life and have the opportunity to build a strong, successful career?

Whether you’re a parent like me wanting to have greater flexibility and work around your family life, you’re a student in need of some extra cash, you’re retired and wanting to add to your pension or you have a disability that prevents you from working the typical 9-5, becoming an Avon Sales Rep could be the perfect opportunity for you.

With Avon, you can work when you want and where you want – you really do get out what you put in. When you come on board, you’ll receive support and free training from myself and Avon. Aside from buying a welcome kit, it’s completely free to join, and you’ll start earning from the very first pound.

You can build your business exactly how you want, whether that’s by following the traditional route and going door to door posting brochures, by setting up an online store, or a combination of the two. What’s more, once you’ve started earning, you’ll soon be able to progress, become a Sales Leader and have the chance to work all the way up to VIP Diamond Ambassador.

I’ve helped over 1,000 people follow their dreams and become their own boss with Avon. If you’d like to take the leap and become a Sales Rep, I’d love to have you on my team. Simply fill out the contact form or give me a call to start your Avon journey today.


Just like my team, reasons you’ll love working for Avon

Tempted to find out more? Call me on 07921 822974 or email me at hello@beaglamourboss.co.uk


    Or alternatively, call me on 07921 822974 or email me at hello@beaglamourboss.co.uk