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Kind on Your Skin

There is nothing spookier than a skincare product that irritates your skin, leaving it looking red and blotchy. If you have sensitive skin but struggle to find good skincare products that are the perfect fit for your skin, fear not, Avon have got your back. Introducing Avon’s Anew Sensitive Skincare range, it contains no nasty ingredients that will irritate your sensitive skin, plus it’s powered by Avon’s exclusive award-winning Protinola; a super weapon, when it comes to tackling dry and sensitive skin. Here are my top three, Anew, Sensitive Skin Products.

Anew Sensitive+ Cream Cleanser, 150ml, £5.00

This five-star cream cleanser, is suitable for the most sensitive skin, it’s fragrance-free and has been dermatologically, allergy and clinically tested on multiple skin types. It gently removes make-up and cleanses your skin, leaving it feeling fresh, hydrated, calm and soothed.

How to use me: Gently massage onto your face and neck to remove make-up, rinse with warm water and pat dry.


Anew Sensitive+ Dual Collagen Cream, £50ml, £14.00

This beauty gem is perfect on sensitive skin, it’s fragrance-free, is formulated with Protocol, which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plus it also calms and soothes the skin and reduces redness in just 72 hours.

How to use me: Apply to your cleansed face and neck, morning and night.


Anew Sensitive+ Dual Collagen Eye Cream, 15ml, £11.00

This amazing Sensitive+ and Dual Collagen Eye Cream is the ultimate, anti-ageing skincare product for sensitive skin. It helps to reduce the look of fine lines and crow’s feet, whilst calming the under-eye area, leaving your eyes looking bright and less puffy. It’s fragrance free and has been dermatologically, allergy and clinically tested on multiple skin types.


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